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Cub Scout Songs 


The best advice for singing with cub scouts is this; have fun and the sillier , the better! Seven to ten year old boys are at that age where energy is in every single fiber of their body. They are just bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and energy. Oh, if we could only bottle that energy and sell it; we'd make a fortune!

One way to channel that energy is to get them moving. To fit the bill, here are some fun cub scout songs and silly songs you can use:

  • My Bonnie:
    This is a fun one to keep them moving. Every time you sing the letter "b" you alternate between standing up and sitting down.

  • There Ain't No Bugs On Me:
    You can use this to teach rhyme and creativity. The cubs can make up their own verses. Just change the words bugs and mugs for two other words that rhyme. Some of our favorites are bees & knees; flies & guys; ants & pants; cougars & boogers (booger is a cool word to an 8 year old!); bears & hairs; and lots more that you can come up with. Also, when you sing the chorus, use your finger like it's a mosquito. When you sing: "Mosquito, he fly high" put your finger up high "Mosquito, he fly low" put your finger down low "If old skeeter lands on me" land your finger on some part of your body "He ain't gonna fly now more"; on the word "ain't", slap that part of the body where the skeeter landed.

  • Jenny Jenkins:
    This is another one where the kids can make up their own verses. In the first verse, Jenny wears white. The rhyming word with white is bright. Have the cubs come up with different colors, and then think of a word that rhymes with that color. For example: red; I won't wear red, it's the color of my head. Or, I won't wear red, I'd rather stay in bed. Or, black; I won't wear black, I'd rather sit on a tack. Or, blue; I won't wear blue, I'd rather smell bobby's shoe. The possibilities are endless. Try to stick to one or two syllable colors. However, you can have a lot of fun trying to rhyme colors like "pomegranate".

  • Waddaly Atcha:
    This is a good movement song while remaining seated. You just use your hands while you sing. Here are the motions: Pat legs twice; clap twice; pass one hand over the other twice; switch hands and do the same thing; with index finger touch your nose then opposite shoulder; repeat with the other index finger; wave bye bye twice with one hand; repeat with the other hand. That's it. Repeat over and over again until you've had enough. You can also speed it up, or slow it down.

  • Chumbara:
    I include this for just about every age and group. It's easy to learn; just one word. It's easy to make up new verses. Anything with 3 syllables. You can use names like E-mi-ly or Bob-by-Jones. You can use food like spa-ghet-ti or blue-ber-ry. You can use places like Del-a-ware or Camp-Brad-ley. You don't have to stick to 3 syllable songs; try some 1, 2 or 4 or even more and see what happens!

These are all fun songs to do. With cubs, you could also use songs from the boy scout, girl scout and church camp pages.  If you have suggestions for other songs that you like to do with cubs, email me; I'd love to hear from you. I'm always looking for new cub scout songs to sing with my kids.

Be sure to take a look at The Great American Campfire Songbook. It's a great resource; filled with over 80 of the best, most requested camping songs.  

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